As a Rescue and Rehabilitation facility we are committed to providing whatever care is necessary to bring a dog back to health and ready for adoption.  Every dog that comes to PTA is given an initial exam.  A veterinarian assesses their general health and estimates their age.  They are examined for fleas and ticks as well as any skin issues and checked to see if they have been spayed or neutered.  A variety of tests for parasites, worms and heartworm are conducted to determine if treatment is required.  They also receive all required vaccinations.  Some, depending on their assessments, may be quarantined temporarily.  Once healthy, they are scheduled for spaying or neutering if needed and put on routine preventatives for fleas, ticks and heartworm.  Only then are they ready for adoption.  Puppies that we take in or those born at the shelter are held for six to eight weeks before being made available for adoption.  This all means that every dog that comes to us is likely to require a minimum of $150 – $200 in vet care if they are healthy.  Additional issues quickly increase the bills.  Though we work with a handful of local vets who discount their services for the shelter, veterinary care remains our single largest expense.  Our goal is to get every dog in our care ready for a furever home.  We do have a small number of dogs who are permanent residents at PTA that are deemed unadoptable.  Those dogs will live out their lives under the care and love of our “angels.”

A monthly donation covers ongoing care for one dog.  Just $20/month will cover flea, tick, and heartworm medication. For a donation of $30/month all of the previous items plus annual vaccinations are covered.  You will be listed as the dog’s sponsor on their PetFinder listing.